What I’ve been up to

Wow, how time flies. It is almost a year since I last posted here. 

New Years Resolution: Post at least once a week. Yeah, let’s see how long That One lasts…

Not that I’ve been idle. In the intervening months I have gotten quite a bit done, I just haven’t been sharing. Since my last entry I’ve accomplished  the following:

Updates to the Astrolabe Generator:

  • Added support for extreme latitudes. The generator now will handle 90S to 90N.
  • Finally added support for labeling the astrolabe with Zodiac symbols.
  • Numerous bug fixes and tweaks.

The next version of the Astrolabe Generator:

  • Conversion to Java is proceeding. All the functionality of the current version is up and running; only the user interface is still needing work. This version will (hopefully) be web-based AND downloadable to your local machine.

Side projects:

  • I’ve gotten seriously sidetracked into researching a related class of instruments, the quadrants, most specifically Sine Quadrants (Rubul Mujayyab). More about that project in a later post.


  • This past summer I once again taught two well-attended classes at Pennsic War. I am hoping to teach an advanced class this coming year, but plans are still evolving.
  • Scientific Instrument Day: This year I tried something new and hosted an all-day display/discussion session at Pennsic University’s Artisan’s Row. Scientific Instrument day was well attended and had several interesting displays. More on that later as well


  • Over the last few months I’ve been getting involved with a local Maker group: NOVA Labs. This will give me access to a full wood and metal shop, as well as an industrial laser cutter. I hope to be able to build astrolabes and quadrants in something other than paper soon.


  • Lots of research into the underlying math of the astrolabe and the quadrant.
Keep checking back for more information. I promise more updates to come.

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