Adding a Hemisphere

I’ve been lax on updating the blog lately. Not because I’ve not been interested, but because I’ve been busy.

First off: I have received two requests to modify the Astrolabe Generator to support the southern hemisphere. This took a bit of recoding and rearranging some of the functions, but the result is now up and running at Latitudes supported now run from 70 South to 70 North, with the exception of those latitudes within 1 degree of the equator. Those of you who want to make Southern Hemisphere astrolabes can now do so.

Latitudes less that 1 degree or greater than 70 degrees still cause problems with some of the calculations. For example, at 0 degrees latitude the horizon line is not a circle, but a straight line, and above 70 degrees some of the intersection code breaks for the unequal hours routines. I will work on this: The Equator problem should be simple, and the problems with 70 degrees plus will be an interesting programming exercise. I’ll keep you posted.

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