One of my readers was kind enough to put together an Instructable on turning the output of my generator into a fully usable plastic instrument. How to Build a Customized Astrolabe Using a Laser Cutter:

Laser-cutting with a Metallic Finish

I received a nice email from a user in Argentina, and he has given permission to post some of his photos and notes on how he achieved the lovely result. “I started generating the EPS files with your software for my southern latitude, and then added some more stars to the rete and a clever-but-mostly-useless […]

Concerning the use of astrolabes as a teaching tool

Version 3.3 of the Astrolabe Generator

As you can see, I’m still working at adding functionality. This release includes: Fixed bug in Arcs of the Signs. Both options now work. Expanded options for the sine/cosine grid scale on the astrolabe back: Grid divided by 60 or 100 Optional cosine lines Arcs and radials Lines for each degree option Under the hood: […]

Version 3.2 Released

Download it HERE Changes for 3.2: Fixed a bug in the formatting of the shadow square numbers. Added in an option to display all three twilight lines. Added the option of using a concentric calendar ring instead of the more common offset. Added the option to choose between a base 60 and the less used […]

The Astrolabe Generator 3.1

As promised more upgrades are coming. Here is the first batch. The first astrolabe variation: The Universal Astrolabe. Added an optional Equation of Time scale to the back When the using the equation of time scale option is set the alidade will have a scale printed on it. To use, just rotate the alidade to […]

The Astrolabe Generator 3.0

After much hard procrastination, I am happy to announce the release of version 3.0 of the Astrolabe Generator. The old Flash version was difficult to keep improving, and is no longer working in any case. The new, downloadable version has several bugs removed, and much expanded capabilities: Save to folder or zip file Print to […]

Introducing the Advanced Astrolabe

For quite some time now I have been basing my class, and my discussions here, on an astrolabe with fairly basic options. Linked to the right you will find a zip file containing the components for this basic astrolabe, along with the handout for my class. But there is more to the astrolabe than just […]

Another astrolabe in work

This one is a metal astrolabe. A work in progress that uses some of the output of the Astrolabe Generator. Images used with permission.

An Astrolabe in Work

I got this last night via Twitter: Nice work, he has a steadier hand than I do. Please do email or tweet me your astrolabes, I’ll be glad to post them. Addresses are on the right.