Astrolabe Generator Update (minor)

I updated the thumbnail graphics to make them easier to see.

Houses of Heaven

I have added two new scales: The Houses of Heaven are now an option for the front. I have also added a horizontal shadow scale option on the back. The Houses are the first astrology-only scale I’ve added. Look for more in the future. The new shadow scale differs from the shadow squares in that […]

A use I had not thought of…

I present to you the astrolabe cake… Made using the files produced by the Astrolabe Generator. Looks Delicious.

Pennsic Postmortum

I’m back from Pennsic War XL. Still coughing up the dust, tired and happy. So starts another 50 week town run. My two Astrolabe classes were well attended, especially in view of the fact that one was late in the day and the other was scheduled very late in the war. If I remember correctly, […]