The Astrolabe as an Artist’s Tool

In this week’s email: “I use your astrolabe constantly for my artwork, I make extremely long exposure pinhole photographs tracing the suns path over the course of a day to half a year.  I use your astrolabe to determine rise / set times and declination as well as the transit alt for the sun. Then plan which time […]

Major Update!

Yeah, I’m still plugging away, between burnout and other commitments I haven’t had a lot of time for this project. This has changed with the turning of the year. First up, I have made a major update to the Astrolabe Generator. I finally figured out a way to digitize a set of zodiac symbols and […]


I hate script-kiddies and their ilk. A few days ago the site was hit with a PHP injection attack that had its pages redirecting visitors to malware infested sites.  I was on the site less that two days before I discovered this problem, so hopefully not too many people where afflicted. I wiped the site […]

Current Progress

Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been busy. In addition to the changes to the Astrolabe Generator mentioned in the previous post, I was asked to teach a class at a small gathering of medieval reenactors last month, and so had to to get my class handout updated ahead of schedule, and a […]

The Beauty of the Astrolabe

“The astrolabe is everything technology should aspire to be. It is beautiful. It is functional. It was, for its time, the very pinnacle of technological achievement, yet even today its simple effectiveness is striking.” A lovely essay on the beauty of science, and belief. The Beauty of the Astrolabe

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Astrolabes on YouTube

Two videos I ran across on YouTube: The first is a good, quick introduction to the tool LINK. The second is a very nice breakdown of a practical use of the astrolabe LINK.

Random Jottings

The Missing Manual has gone missing! As some of you might have noticed, the Joomla site for Astrolabe: The Missing Manual is gone. Like the original wiki it replaced, it was not meeting my needs, so I nuked it.  Do not despair! The manual still exists, and is still being added to regularly (more regularly […]

Pennsic: Scientific Instrument Day on Artisan’s Row

For those of us that like to put the science into Arts and Sciences, Artisan’s Row at Pennsic this year will have a day devoted to scientific instruments and tools. I have been asked by the Artisan’s Row Dean to organize a day devoted to the tools and instruments of the sciences. I am looking for like-minded artists and […]

The Future: Version 3 of the Astrolabe Generator

I spent most of the last weekend coding like crazy. I now have three new optional scales to add to the back of the astrolabe: The Lunar Mansions. A calendar/astrology scale. This is visible inside the shadow squares, center bottom. Two views of the Arcs of the signs: Equal sized and projected(top left shows the […]