Drafting the Astrolabe: 2. Methods of geometric construction

Hartmann’s Practika is a collection of writings by the 16th century instrument maker Georg Hartmann. These detail the steps to design a range of sundials, and extensive notes on astrolabe construction. Hartmann begins by demonstrating the geometrical construction techniques he will be using. Given how complex some of the design work will be, this seems […]

Pennsic Postmortum

I’m back from Pennsic War XL. Still coughing up the dust, tired and happy. So starts another 50 week town run. My two Astrolabe classes were well attended, especially in view of the fact that one was late in the day and the other was scheduled very late in the war. If I remember correctly, […]

Class Handouts Posted!

The new, updated handout and set of astrolabe files to be used in my upcoming Pennsic War class can be found linked on the right.

Upcoming Pennsic Classes!

My class: The Astrolabe in Theory and Practice, will be taught at the Pennsic War. I am teaching the class twice: August 7 at 5pm and August 12 at 1pm. Handouts are limited to 15 per class with a fee of $5. Auditors welcome. The handout and the astrolabe files will be posted here the […]

Teaching at university.

I had my class at Atlantia University yesterday. I tried a different arrangement for the information in the class. The flow was better, but there is still too much to cover and I find my audience’s  eyes glazing by the 1:15 mark. The class was will received in any case, and I think everyone got […]

Still Alive!

I’m working on completely overhauling and expanding my class handout. I’m looking to turn it into more of a useful pamphlet rather than the bare-bones outline it currently is. The results will show up in The Missing Manual soon. In other news, I will be teaching my class: “The Astrolabe in Theory and Practice” at […]

Progress made and the new year

Haven’t posted in a month, but I have been working… If you go have a look at the manual, you will see several new pages. I hope to keep up a good pace the rest of the month.

Progress Made on The Manual

I added some sections to the astrolabe manual. and was able to make good progress in developing my own art for the various diagrams. I hope to make significant progress this coming week on converting my class handout into a manual

Manual Move

I’m not happy with MediaWiki as a back end for the manual. Good software, but a wiki is just not suited to what I want to do. I’m going to try the content management system Joomla. I looked at it to run the whole website, and I might still move away from WordPress if I […]

And so it begins…

My obsession with the astrolabe has gone on now for over 4 years. The number of projects is proliferating and I think it is time to make a place for them on the web. Over the next few months, as the mood takes me I will be modifying the handout for my astrolabe class into […]