Swatting Bugs

I spent the last few hours noodling around with the generator code. I fixed several bugs. I also removed, at least temporarily the 6 and 12 degree twilight lines as they were cluttering up the plate and serve no real purpose.

Teaching at university.

I had my class at Atlantia University yesterday. I tried a different arrangement for the information in the class. The flow was better, but there is still too much to cover and I find my audience’s  eyes glazing by the 1:15 mark. The class was will received in any case, and I think everyone got a good grounding in the basics. The updated handout and the zip file with the demo astrolabe files is linked to the right.

In other news I will be teaching the class again next month. I’m overhauling the handout again. I think that breaking the class up into a beginning, 1 hour, section with the bare basics, followed by a second, optional hour of advanced features will work better.

Still Alive!

I’m working on completely overhauling and expanding my class handout. I’m looking to turn it into more of a useful pamphlet rather than the bare-bones outline it currently is. The results will show up in The Missing Manual soon.

In other news, I will be teaching my class: “The Astrolabe in Theory and Practice” at Atlantia University the first Saturday in March.

Progress made and the new year

Haven’t posted in a month, but I have been working… If you go have a look at the manual, you will see several new pages. I hope to keep up a good pace the rest of the month.

Progress Made on The Manual

I added some sections to the astrolabe manual. and was able to make good progress in developing my own art for the various diagrams. I hope to make significant progress this coming week on converting my class handout into a manual

Updates to Generator

I just posted several changes to SourceForge. I added an option to print a straight alidade as opposed to the default counter-changed one. I also added code to generate bulk sheets with 10 rules and 10 alidades for class handout use. These options are not working well yet, but I hope to have them incorporated into the Astrolabe Generator on the website soon.

Photos added to Assembly Instructions

I have started adding photos to the astrolabe assembly instructions.

Work done on Manual

I think that Joomla is going to work out. It is just a bit complicated to set up, but it seems to be working fine now.

Manual Move

I’m not happy with MediaWiki as a back end for the manual. Good software, but a wiki is just not suited to what I want to do. I’m going to try the content management system Joomla. I looked at it to run the whole website, and I might still move away from WordPress if I like it, but for now it seems to do what I want it to do.

Constructing an Astrolabe

I have put up a draft of a set of instructions for building an astrolabe using the output of the Astrolabe generator. It still needs links, polish and pictures. I will link to it when I’m done

Update: It is done except for the photos. I’ll add them when I get a chance. Link is to the right