To do list

I added a recommended leading list to the Manual (linked to the right). And started building some manual pages on the parts of the astrolabe. I’m going to have to find some CC or PD art for illustrations, or do some up myself.

Started on the Wiki

I loaded MediaWiki on the site at I need to play with it to learn the formatting and come up with a plan for organizing the information.

And so it begins…

My obsession with the astrolabe has gone on now for over 4 years. The number of projects is proliferating and I think it is time to make a place for them on the web. Over the next few months, as the mood takes me I will be modifying the handout for my astrolabe class into an expanded manual, I am also working on updating and expanding the capabilities of my Astrolabe Generator, and I’m playing with the idea of a Flash-based astrolabe simulator. Keep checking back