Random Jottings

The Missing Manual has gone missing!

As some of you might have noticed, the Joomla site for Astrolabe: The Missing Manual is gone. Like the original wiki it replaced, it was not meeting my needs, so I nuked it.  Do not despair! The manual still exists, and is still being added to regularly (more regularly than this blog lately). I replaced an overly complicated site with a simple PDF. The link is on the right as “Astrolabe Manual”… I will update this file as I add to the manual, and will provide version information inside the front cover.

Plans and instructions for making a plastic astrolabe

I stumbled across this today at Thingverse: A plastic working astrolabe. The creator made it back in June 2010, and didn’t stumble across my site until afterword. Here’s hoping that someone will be inspired to make more…

There’s an app for that

Or there will be soon. I was contacted by a developer who is working on an iPad app that simulates various medieval astronomical devices. He will be using files made with the Astrolabe Generator. I’ll post information here when it becomes available.

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