Major Update!

Yeah, I’m still plugging away, between burnout and other commitments I haven’t had a lot of time for this project. This has changed with the turning of the year.

First up, I have made a major update to the Astrolabe Generator. I finally figured out a way to digitize a set of zodiac symbols and set them up for scaling and inserting into the EPS files. The code is working well; and so there is now an option to label the zodiac on the back and the rete with symbols instead of text. In addition the arcs of the signs and the lunar mansions scales are now properly labeled.  I also added an option to change the astrolabe shape to an octagon, both for look and to make it easier to cut out.

Next, I’m starting to prepare for the classes I want to teach this year at the Pennsic War. This involves major work on the astrolabe manual, I’m hoping to have chapters to post soon.

Finally, the drafting project has not been abandoned. I hope to get the plates done over the next six months.

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