Astrolabe Generator Update (minor)

I updated the thumbnail graphics to make them easier to see.

Astrolabe Generator Update

I have added new more features to the Astrolabe Generator ( There is now a front degree scale option and I have added a new set of limb markings: Alphabetical (based on a 1370 astrolabe shown here).

Major Update

I just uploaded the latest changes: The classic rete now has pointers as it should The settings are now driven from a config file Predefined astrolabe settings are available from a menu Added a background (was getting tied of the Flex default)

Houses of Heaven

I have added two new scales: The Houses of Heaven are now an option for the front. I have also added a horizontal shadow scale option on the back. The Houses are the first astrology-only scale I’ve added. Look for more in the future. The new shadow scale differs from the shadow squares in that […]

Another update

I’m definitely in a coding mood. I just uploaded another change. I’ve added a Quadratum Nauticum to the Astrolabe Generator “mater-only” option:

Astrolabe Generator Updates

Made some more changes. I added options to print 1 and 2 degree intervals for the almucantars. Also, there is now an option to print just the Mater or just the Plate (useful in creating astrolabes in other materials than paper).

Astrolabe Generator 2.0 Released

I’ve been busy. The final polish was put on version 2.0 of the Astrolabe Generator today. It is up and running (see link to the left). I increased the size of the application screen, re-sized the thumbnails and  rearranged the controls a bit. The thumbnails now update to display the current selected options. I redesigned […]

A use I had not thought of…

I present to you the astrolabe cake… Made using the files produced by the Astrolabe Generator. Looks Delicious.

More Updates

I made more changes to the generator. The azimuth lines are now optional, and I added an option to print just the sine scale on the back.

Swatting Bugs

I spent the last few hours noodling around with the generator code. I fixed several bugs. I also removed, at least temporarily the 6 and 12 degree twilight lines as they were cluttering up the plate and serve no real purpose.