A use I had not thought of…

I present to you the astrolabe cake… http://nuri148.blogspot.com/2011/09/la-torta-mas-nerd.html Made using the files produced by the Astrolabe Generator. Looks Delicious.

More Updates

I made more changes to the generator. The azimuth lines are now optional, and I added an option to print just the sine scale on the back.

Swatting Bugs

I spent the last few hours noodling around with the generator code. I fixed several bugs. I also removed, at least temporarily the 6 and 12 degree twilight lines as they were cluttering up the plate and serve no real purpose.

Updates to Generator

I just posted several changes to SourceForge. I added an option to print a straight alidade as opposed to the default counter-changed one. I also added code to generate bulk sheets with 10 rules and 10 alidades for class handout use. These options are not working well yet, but I hope to have them incorporated […]

Photos added to Assembly Instructions

I have started adding photos to the astrolabe assembly instructions.

Constructing an Astrolabe

I have put up a draft of a set of instructions for building an astrolabe using the output of the Astrolabe generator. It still needs links, polish and pictures. I will link to it when I’m done Update: It is done except for the photos. I’ll add them when I get a chance. Link is […]